Lawn Care Scheduling and Services

Tejas Landscape Services Year-Round Lawn Care Recommendations

We provide a wide variety of lawn mowing, lawn care and landscaping services to help keep your lawn healthy all year long. As the seasons change, so will your lawn care needs.

We will schedule weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly lawn maintenance service throughout the year to keep your lawn and garden in optimum condition through the winter, nourish it for a new season in the spring, maintain it during the hot summers, and prepare it for cooler temperatures in the fall.

Winter Season Lawn Care: November, December, January, and February

Winter Lawn Maintenance Services:

  • Raking leaves.
  • Over seeding with winter rye.
  • Good time to mulch beds.
  • Scheduling for top dressing lawns.


Lawn mowing: monthly and bi-weekly.

Spring Season Lawn Care: March

Spring Season Lawn Maintenance Services:

  • Scalp the lawn to cut off the winter kill off the grass blades.
  • Aerate lawns.
  • Fertilize lawn and landscape.
  • Clean up or install new flower beds and cut lawns.
  • Mulch and pick up spring leaves.
  •  Install landscape and grass.


Lawn mowing: monthly and bi-weekly.

Summer Season Lawn Care: April, May, June, July, August

Summer Lawn Maintenance Services:

  • Mow lawns.
  • Aerate lawns.
  • Check lawns for insects and diseases.
  • Water lawns during morning hours only to prevent fungus growth.
  • Install landscape and grass.


Lawn mowing: weekly is recommended, but we do offer bi-weekly schedules.

Fall Season Lawn Care: September and October

Fall Lawn Maintenance Services:

  • Start planning for the fall.
  • Aerate lawns.
  • Schedule color changes.
  • Over seeding with rye seed which will last all winter long.


Lawn mowing: weekly is recommended, but we do offer bi-weekly schedules.

Lawn Maintenance Suggestions:

Lawn Mowing:

January and February at least one time a month. March, November and December, bi-weekly. April through October maintenance on lawns is weekly.



We like to fertilize three times a year with a professional grade fertilizer.


This is best done in the spring and fall.


All bushes are different in how they grow. Most bushes need to be trimmed every two months. We can put together a program to fit your needs.

Top Dressing Lawns:

Best done February through June and September and October. Works extra well with aerations.

Tree Trimming:

We only trim low branches. Please call for more information.

Landscape and Grass Installation:

The best time for installing a landscape is between the months of March through July. However, in Austin you can do it anytime, just be prepared to water well for the first few weeks!!!!


Remember, your lawn and landscape needs water through the winter months too.