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Lawn Mowing and Year-Round Lawn Care Services in Austin, TX.

We offer a professional and dependable lawn mowing, lawn care and landscaping services including  lawn edging, fertilizing, lawn aeration, top dressing and clean up that can be done on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule.

Lawn Mowing by Tejas Landscape Services , Austin, TX


Lawn Mowing & Lawn Maintenance:

Mowing in January and February at least one time a month.
Mowing in March, November, and December should be done bi-weekly.
Weekly maintenance on your lawn in April through October is recommended.


Mulch landscape maintenance by Tejas Landscape Services, Austin, TX


For flowerbeds and shrubbery.


Tree Trimming

We only trim low branches. Call for more information.



All bushes are different in how they grow. Most bushes need to be trimmed every two months. We can put together a program to fit your needs.


Lawn edging by Tejas Landscape Services, Austin, TX

Lawn Edging:

To bring neat and orderly definition to your lawn.

Edging also prevents unwanted grass from invading flower and garden beds.


lawn fertilizing by Tejas Landscape Services Austin, TX

Lawn Fertilizing:

We like to fertilize three times a year with a professional grade fertilizer. We also offer winter rye over seeding for those who want a green lawn all year.



Lawn aeration by Tejas Landscape Services, Austin, TX

Lawn Aeration:

Removing small cores of soil from your lawn allows air, water and fertilizer to better reach the root zone. This reduces soil compaction and stimulates root growth to create a healthier, stronger lawn.

Mechanical aeration in Texas benefits your lawn in many ways: reducing soil compaction, allowing more efficient watering and fertilizing, enhancing root growth, enriching surface soil, decreasing water run-off, and creates enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance. This is best done in the spring and fall.


Top dressing lawn service by Tejas Landscape Services, Austin, TX


Top Dressing lawns

Best done February through June and September and October. Works extra well with aerations. We do top dressing of lawns with:

Dillo Dirt a City of Austin sewage sludge product. An excellent top dress for flowers, trees and lawns.

Soil and compost lawn top dressing by Tejas Landscape Services, Austin, TX


Compost a blend of composted hardwood shavings, cow and chicken manures, cotton seed hulls, wheat straw and peat moss.

Austin Soil Amendment a soil-less blend of sands and composts to top dress the lawn, plant a garden, or fill a flowerbed.


Raking leaves in fall and spring by Tejas Landscape Services, Austin, TX

Fall and Spring Clean Up:

Cut back dead wood from perennials, and flowerbeds.