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Lawn Mowing and Year-Round Lawn Care Services in Austin, TX.

About Tejas Landscape Services

We are a small, locally owned lawn maintenance company and only take on a limited amount of customers each year. This allows us to focus on each individual customer’s needs.  

We focus on year-round service, weekly and biweekly throughout the year. Our basic service is mow, edge, blow and cleanup of leaves in the extra heavy seasons of spring and fall. Other services offered are trimming bushes and weeding beds. We also offer a top-dressing service to enhance the soil health and to help the growth of the lawn. We can also mulch the beds to give a clean look and benefit the health of your landscape plants.

Lawn Mowing and Lawn Maintenance

January and February:
mowing should be done at least one time a month.

March, November, and December:
mowing should be done bi-weekly.

April through October:
Weekly maintenance on your lawn in is recommended.

monthly lawn care

Top-Dressing Lawns

Top Dressing lawns is best done February through June and September and October. Top dressing works extra well with aerations. We do top dressing of lawns with:

Compost a blend of composted hardwood shavings, cow and chicken manures, cotton seed hulls, wheat straw and peat moss.

Austin Soil Amendment a soil-less blend of sands and composts to top dress the lawn, plant a garden, or fill a flowerbed.

Top dressing land lawn care maintenance


Mulch is good for flowerbeds and shrubbery. Mulching helps soils stay moist. It also helps prevent weeds from growing.


Edging keeps lawns neat and provides orderly definition. Edging lawns also prevents unwanted grass from invading flower beds and gardens.

Yard with mulch in flower beds

Tree Trimming

We only trim low branches. Call for more information.

Bushes and Shrubs

All bushes are different in how they grow. Most bushes need to be trimmed every two months. We can put together a program to fit your needs.


Small tree trimming in Austin

Lawn Fertilizing

We like to fertilize three times a year with a professional grade fertilizer. We also offer winter rye over seeding for those who want a green lawn all year.

Lawn Aeration

Edging keeps lawns neat and provides orderly definition. Edging lawns also prevents unwanted grass from invading flower beds and gardens.


Fall and Spring Clean Up

Cut back dead wood from perennials, and flowerbeds. Rake and clean up leaves.

Lawn care and clean up leaves